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"If you feel like singing,
. . . do sing an Irish song"

Leo Maguire

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From 1952 to 1981 it was the sign-off sentence of one of Ireland's best-known broadcasters, the late Leo Maguire of Dublin, who presented on Radio Eireann, Irish national radio, a weekly live programme of Irish popular music, `your weekly reminder of the grace and beauty that lie in our heritage of Irish song, the songs our fathers loved'. Sponsored by Waltons Music of North Frederick Street and Lower Camden Street, Dublin (and later also of George's Street and Dun Laoire), the programme featured recordings published on the Glenside label.

"weekly reminder of the grace and beauty that lie in our heritage of Irish song,
the songs our fathers loved"

Patrick Leo Maguire introduced the recordings in his rich baritone voice and created around them an atmosphere of national and patriotic feeling. He was born in Watling St. Dublin 8, in 1903. His singing career began at a Citizen Army rally at the age of ten. While employed by the Dublin County Council he began his broadcasting career in 1927, with programmes such as "Evening Serenade". In the 1940's he went into music full-time, teaching in the School of Music and conducting school and church choirs. He compered and sang in concerts and with his wife, was the leading member of the Dublin Operatic Society. He wrote many songs, poems and dramas, with the "Whistling Gypsy" and "Dublin Saunter" as popular favourites.
In 1952, to publicise his song publications, Martin Walton branched out into the world of broadcasting and record manufacture. He was allocated a sponsored programme by Radio Eireann, and immediately began recording singers on his new Glenside label to fill the
fifteen-minute Saturday afternoon time-slot. The radio programme, the records, and the voice of their presenter Leo Maguire, soon became a fixed part of the round of the week, embedded in the national conscious.
The Waltons radio programme came to an end in January 1981, along with all the other sponsored programmes on Radio Eireann (by then renamed RTE). Leo Maguire died in his eighties in 1985.

Leo Maguire 1953
Leo Maguire